T014 Past Year Manner of Misuse - Heroin

While some think that snorting, sniffing and smoking heroin is safer than injecting it, any method of heroin use can lead to addiction, overdoses, and the worst scenario, death.  Injection of heroin gives the greatest and most immediate effect for the least amount of drug.  Some would say that once you start injecting, no other means of heroin will cause the drug to act as quickly.  As tolerance (needing more of the drug to achieve the same intensity of effect) increases, those who snort or smoke heroin most likely will start injecting.  With all manner of heroin use an individual risks developing a variety of health problems, such as nasal and lung problems if snorting or smoking it.  Injecting heroin increases the risk of AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases caused by infected needles.  These health problems can be passed onto sexual partners and newborns.1


Data Sources

Interviews of jail inmates and self-reporting surveys of Drug Court participants, Probationers and persons enrolled in substance abuse treatment at The Recovery Center, Fairfield County ADAMH Board.  The jail interviews were completed with staff from The Recovery Center.  The Center for State Courts provided analysis of the data as part of the Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Grant received by the Fairfield County ADAMH Board, 2013-2016.


The Criminal Justice sample consisted of jail inmates, drug court participants and probationers in Fairfield County. The SA Treatment sample consisted of individuals enrolled in substance abuse treatment at The Recovery Center.