CJ027 Past Year Harmful/Criminal Beheaviors

Behavioral problems such as impulsivity, risk taking, aggression, anger, and frustration may increase the likelihood that an individual will be involved in criminal behavior. Adding drug or alcohol misuse to the existing behavioral problems may increase or exacerbate criminal activity. The consequences of drug and alcohol misuse show both the seriousness of the substance abuse issues for participants as well as their likelihood of committing crimes.

Data Sources

Interviews of jail inmates completed by staff from The Recovery Center, Fairfield County ADAMH Board. The Center for State Courts provided analysis of the data as part of the Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Grant received by the Fairfield County ADAMH Board, 2013-2016.


The jail population consisted of inmates who scored ≥4 on the Simple Screening Instrument, which indicated moderate to high risk for alcohol or drug abuse.  The privacy restrictions approved by the National Center for State Court’s Institutional Review Board were followed.  Limited demographics were collected to ensure anonymity.  The jail sample was primarily male (71%) and the age distribution was 18-24 (22%), 25-34 (40%), 35-44 (24%), 45-54 (10%), and 55 years or older (4%).