Criminal Justice

Indicators of this type might include data from drug arrests, DUI arrests, jail inmates, probationers, drug court participants, Juvenile Court and Child Protective Services caseloads with drug abuse issues, and community crimes.


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Young Adults
Criminal Justice
Drug Court
Substance Abuse Treatment
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Indicators for this Category

Indicator NameCategory/Population
CJ001 Lifetime Misuse - Illicit Drugs
CJ002 Lifetime Misuse - Prescription Drugs
CJ003 Participation in Substance Abuse Treatment
CJ004 Past Year Misuse - Illicit Drugs
CJ005 Past Year Misuse - Prescription Drugs
CJ006 Reason for Misuse - Prescription Drugs
CJ007 Source of Drugs - Prescription Drugs
CJ008 Age of First Misuse - Alcohol
CJ009 Age of First Misuse - Heroin
CJ010 Age of First Misuse - Marijuana
CJ011 Average Age of First Misuse - Illicit Drugs
CJ012 Lifetime Misuse - Heroin
CJ013 Participation in Mental Health Treatment
CJ014 Past Year Manner of Misuse - Heroin
CJ015 Past Year Misuse - Heroin
CJ016 Perceptions of Misuse - Alcohol
CJ017 Perceptions of Misuse - Illicit Drugs
CJ018 Driver's License Status
CJ019 Ease of Access - Illicit Drugs
CJ020 Employment Status
CJ021 Financial Status
CJ022 Housing Status
CJ023 Length of Residency
CJ024 Level of Education
CJ025 Adverse Consequences of Misuse - Alcohol and/or Drugs
CJ027 Past Year Harmful/Criminal Beheaviors
CJ028 Perception of Peer Attitudes about Misuse - Alcohol
CJ029 Perception of Peer Attitudes about Misuse - Illicit Drugs
CJ030 Perception of Spouse/Significant Other/Close Relative Attitudes about Misuse - Alcohol
CJ031 Perception of Spouse/Significant Other/Close Relative Attitudes about Misuse - Illicit Drugs
CJ032 Perceptions of Social Support
CJ033 Reasons for Not Seeking Treatment
CJ034 Substance Abuse Screening