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Thank you for visiting Fairfield County Behavioral Health Indicators, an online data repository offering a centralized location to learn more about the specific opiate problem in Fairfield County, Ohio, as well as related topics. At this time 80 indicators are presented.

These measures were chosen through a careful process and represent the preferences of what to measure from available data. As you begin to examine the main categories, we hope you find the information relevant and useful in your daily work and decision-making.

About Us

The Fairfield County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health (ADAMH) Board has been a part of several projects which have culminated in providing this interactive website for our community. In 2009 the ADAMH Board formed an Opiate Task Force comprised of key community stakeholders from a wide variety of vocations and interests. A 30 minute DVD, Hooked, was produced to help educate people about the opiate epidemic that was threatening our community and an annual summit was well attended in November of 2009. The Opiate Task Force met monthly and had five subcommittees:

  • Community Awareness and Education (to educate the citizens of Fairfield County about the scope and nature of opiate addiction in our community)
  • Medical Professionals (to develop protocol for the local use of opiate analgesics in Fairfield County)
  • Corrections & Treatment (to develop a comprehensive and integrated approach to the interdiction, judicial and treatment components of the heroin and other opiates problem in Fairfield County)
  • Measurement (to develop and execute a needs assessment and evaluation process that will allow the Opiate Task Force to determine the scope of opiate addiction in Fairfield County and the impact of interventions in reducing the problem)
  • Fundraising (to raise money to help fund prevention and treatment services)

In 2011 an Ohio Strategic Prevention Framework-State Incentive Grant (SPF-SIG) was applied for and awarded to the Fairfield County ADAMH Board and Fairfield County Family, Adult & Children First Council. As part of this grant a Young Adult Prevention Initiative (YAPI) Coalition was formed as a subgroup of the Fairfield County Opiate Task Force to address the goal of decreasing the number of 18-25 year olds misusing opiates/prescription medications. One of the goals of SPF-SIG was to share the data collected in the project with the community and a community data committee was formed in 2013 to discuss what kind of data was already available and what other data could be accessed that would be of interest to the community partners.

Early in 2013, the ADAMH Board received a phone call from the National Center for State Courts inviting us to apply for the Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Grant, a federal grant through the Department of Justice. The three-pronged focus of the grant was prevention, treatment and data collection. The National Center for State Courts would help us collect and analyze data as well as evaluate the project. Fairfield County was one of six entities in the United States awarded this grant in 2013.

More specifically, the goals are:

  • To collect and share broadly information for individual community members, government and non-governmental organizations, businesses and the press
  • To track progress over time of various efforts toward a healthier and more vibrant community
  • To measure the community's progress via benchmarks outside of the County when possible
  • To enable analysis of these trends

Our Home

Fairfield County is a suburban county located in southeast Ohio, adjacent to Franklin County which contains the state capital, Columbus. Fairfield County is also adjacent to Perry County to the east and Hocking County to the south, both of which are part of Appalachia; Fairfield County is not part of Appalachia.

Based on the 2010 census data, the population for the county was approximately 146,000. The County Seat is Lancaster, centrally located, which has a population of nearly 39,000. The next largest city is Pickerington in the northwest part of the county with a population of nearly 19,000. The county is made up of thirteen townships, eight public school districts and one parochial school and one private school. Fairfield County is among the top-five fastest growing counties in the state.